Blazing sun, intense heat and to top it all off, load shedding.

If you’re a citizen of Pakistan then you’re probably no foreigner to that dreaded word. After all, it is a pretty difficult thing to ignore, considering it limits the use of your everyday gadgets. No internet, no phones; it’s practically the dark ages all over again!

In desperate times like these, desperate measures are in need. Here’s a list of the things you would need to survive it:

1.   Power Banks:

We’re not talking about mere one or two fully charged power banks – you need tons of them! You never know how long that load shedding will take or when your phone’s battery will bail on you. Can you even imagine having to spend time without your precious little device? The horror!

2.   Paper:

Did you ever make those fans out of paper as a kid? Well, reminiscence no more because for this survival tactic, you need to put that vital skill into action. If you want to beat the heat, you need all the paper and you skills on standby. Sure you can get those battery operated fans and all, but what’s the assurance those batteries will last that long? Paper fans are literally the best way to go.

3. Ear mufflers:

If you own an alternate power supply or if you don’t, no one can deny that wretched generator noise that booms through the neighborhood when a load shedding strikes. Suddenly every noise pollution article feels like a tale straight out of your heart and in those short moments, nothing feels more important than to stop it. Ear mufflers are exactly what we recommend in such dire times.

4.  Mosquito Repellent:

Nothing shouts I’m a victim of Pakistan’s load shedding more than a huge mosquito bite on your body. Moreover, how annoying is it to have those pesky insects looming around you, on top of all the other things you have to bear? At least with mosquito repellents at hand, you can satisfy your annoyance by killing them. Murderous thoughts, yes but again, desperate times call for desperate measures!

5.  Phone credit:

None of us can deny the impeccable importance those gadgets play in our lives. To satisfy this very need, it is absolutely essential you have phone credit loaded up in your phone. At least with that at hand you can call or text up your friend to whine about the load shedding, or better yet, load up some internet to restore as much order in your life as possible.

6.   Torches

If you have ever survived being in the dark without that irrational fear that someone is watching then kudos to you! If not, grab all the torches from the nearest market as fast as you can. Night or day, load shedding knows no bounds so you better be prepared. If anything, at least you would be able to entertain yourselves with making shadow puppets.

7.   Board Games

Times before Ludo star, or before social media, people used to entertain themselves with board games. UNO, monopoly, snakes and ladders etc. were the best thing in the world. If you’ve still got these ancient artifacts then bring them out to survive the load shedding. This way, at least time may fly by with winning or losing or even cheating!


According to the latest Pakistan news, this year is once again going to be hot and as usual, the load shedding will keep you frustrated throughout the summer. Therefore, this blog is to guide you and prepare you for the worst beforehand.

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