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Apple has been accused of offshore reserves, cheap Chinese labor, expensive devices but the IT and smartphone giant has never faced a controversy quite like this. Amidst several lawsuits and accusations, Apple has admitted to purposefully slowing down their old phones after the arrival of each new model and iOS update.

The secret was revealed to the public in December by Geekbench which showed a relation between battery performance and iPhone age. Apple had no choice but to admit to slowing down older iPhones to prevent worn-out batteries from rebooting due to excessive and more powerful functions that arrive in new updates. The fact that Apple hid this fact resulted in a storm of backlash and anger with people claiming that this is a merely a tactic by one of the biggest companies in the world to make their customers buy newer, more expensive phones and generate further profit for them.

Credits: Recode

Apple was quick to apologize and even reduced the price for battery changes for all devices following the iPhone 6. They have also planning an update which will indicate users if an old battery is causing their phone to slow down. In a recent interview with ABC News, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, said that the next iOS update will let users check battery performance, check if their device is being throttled and will enable them to switch off and control the power management feature.

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