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The windows 10 update is one of Microsoft’s most well received and critically acclaimed operating systems yet. However, there was unease among users with Microsoft’s new data collecting rules and default permissions, some of which could not be turned off.

These concern only increased with time as even government organizations in some countries begin to take notice of Microsoft’s privacy policy. The officials in Netherlands blamed Microsoft in late 2017 for violating the state’s privacy laws whilst in 2016 France also issued a warning to the software giant telling them to: “stop collecting excessive user data.”

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Despite introducing a privacy dashboard early last year, allegations and critical comments have not stopped raining on Bill Gate’s company. However, they have finally promised a windows update which follows all transparency laws and things are looking hopeful with the new “Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer” which allows users to see exactly what type of date Microsoft is gathering about them.

Apparently, Microsoft collects everything from the movies you watch and the apps you have installed don your device to your peripherals and many more of your daily digital habits. As of right now there is no word on when the new, more secure and more transparent update will be available.

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