As smartphones in today’s era are bringing us into bold new places, another firm is trying to introduce a simpler and cheaper era. FutureModel is planning to unveil a device called the NichePhone-S this month that runs Android but doesn’t do more than making calls, sending text messages, and stream music.

Engadget Japan has some hands-on pictures with the device. As per the report, the little device will be launched in Japan on November 20th and lie under a price tag of around $95.

The phone is reportedly running Android 4.2, though no idea how you’d be able to tell. Its display appears like a digital clock. Presumably, though, you’ll be able to record voice memos, play back music, and connect to Bluetooth headsets.

The device is a look-alike of another ultra-tiny phone introduced earlier this year. That phone can only make phone calls and that’s it — no texting, no Bluetooth, no apps. Just the capacity to store some contacts. These phones are certainly not going to be a piece of attraction for many people, however, the meaning to dig out of such devices to experience a technology detox.

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