Every year, the folks at the Institute of Economics and Peace calculate the Global Peace Index – a handy little tool which ranks 163 nations on ‘a country’s level of Negative Peace using three domains of peacefulness.’

The criteria is simple. In order to be ranked among the safest countries, a country must be scored high on domestic and international conflict (i.e. war), the levels of disharmony/harmony within a nation, and all factors, which relate to militarisation, political stability and every nitty gritty thing in-between.

Scroll down to find out which country is on the top of the list:

10. Ireland & Japan

So, yes, it is a tie between the two countries, scoring 1.408.

9. Switzerland

Score: 1.373

8. Canada

Score: 1.371

7. Slovenia

Score: 1.364

6. The Czech Republic

Score: 1.360

5. Denmark

Score: 1.337

4. Austria

Score: 1.265

3. Portugal

Score: 1.258

2. New Zealand

Score: 1.241

1. Iceland

Score: 1.111

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