The automaker Hirokazu Ikuma confirmed his plan of putting the TJ Cruise into production in order to sell it globally.

The concept will ride on Toyota TGNA (Toyota New Global Architecture) platform. Ikuma stated that Toyota asked his crew “to come up with a design that was very real so that if the company wants to build it, we can put it into production very quickly.”

The TJ Cruiser (stands for ‘Toolbox Joy’) is expected to feature a gasoline-hybrid powertrain. The square-shaped car with flat folding seats would be suitable for hauling goods.

You may find the car outlandish but it has got some amazing elements such as a chequerplate grille and sliding rear doors, scratch proof bonnet and tailgate painted with a non-slip material. In fact, the vehicle is of the same size as the C-HR.

As soon as it is manufactured, Austrailia will be adding it to its local line-up. “Potentially, if it was ever to go into production, it might be a fun car to have. I think it would have appeal to young,” active Australians.

“It’s a car that, because of our market and our environment, that I would be definitely interested in,” said Sean Hanley, Toyota Australia’s incoming Vice President of Sales and Operations.

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