As the Holy month of Ramadan ends and women head towards the stores to buy clothes, filling the streets with hustle and bustle. Eid is the time when many designers come forward with their collections but the problem that persists is that most of them are repetitive.

The frills, laces and soft cloth laden with work are seen in the collection of most designers. Pastels seem to be a favorite among the people, obviously because of the sweaty eid it is expected to be owing to the raising temperatures.

Although stitched clothes are preferred by most women the power of unstitched clothes can’t be denied. As all big brands such as Sapphire, Gul Ahmed, Khaadi and many more. Release specific collections especially for the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. With more bling and price than the usual lawn dresses, they are quiet a hit among the older women.  Although the problem starts when the tailor refuses to give the clothes stitched before eid causing the women to have frequent panic attacks.

However one trend that seems to be dying is the use of bangles. Women and girls nowadays are moving towards the use of wrist watched and bracelets. This is causing the traditional markets to have a huge cause in loss of their sales. The shoe market on the other hand seems to be thriving as the markets have gained sales with customers moving towards local shoes in the form of ‘Kolhapur chappal’ and ‘Mojris’

Looking at the eid extravaganzas you would never guess that the Pakistani economy is going through a crisis as people seem to be out and about on the streets.

                          As perfectly said ‘We live in a poor country with rich people’


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