Huawei is known as one of the most innovative brands in the market; recently it beat the sales of Apple to become the second highest smartphone maker. However in the past few days, they’ve hit a bit of problem pertaining to the ‘entity ban’ of Chinese products by US President. According to this ban, the amount of business that can be done with Chinese companies has to be reduced owing to the ‘national security’ risk.

The ban gained strength when Google announced its ban on providing Google play services to Huawei phones. This caused all the users of the brand to panic. However soon after that there was an announcement of temporarily lifting the existing ban. In accordance to which the existing users would not be affected and will continue to receive updates on the security system and use the google play services.

However it seems that Huawei is ready for the challenge, as the company revealed plans to launch its own alternative to Android, which they claim they’ve been working on for the past seven years.

On the other hand, Huawei spokesperson says that they would rather continue working with brands like Google and Microsoft so that they can continue to offer the best experience to their users.

At the moment Google is reviewing its decision – as it doesn’t want to limit the reach of Android ecosystem but if the ban remains it would start with affecting Huawei followed by the whole industry. As Huawei is a part of major projects like developing the 5G technology.The ban could also hinder the plans to develop and release 5G services.

On the positive side of the scenario, there is a chance that all of this will lead to the development of a new software which could give some serious competition to Android and Apple (IOS).

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