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Seamless and strong performance over power consumption? That seems to be the take by Windows on their new Ultimate mode which is specifically made for professionals who heavily rely on computers for their daily career activities, and we aren’t talking about Microsoft Office!

Among performance-hungry tasks such as from 3D modelling to editing feature length high-res movies, you should have a pretty powerful system. But is your system still working to its full capacity? You need to make sure that your PC is running in optimal conditions and giving you all its gone when you perform such crucial tasks because no likes lagging and everyone despises hangs and system shutdowns! Windows 10 Pro for Workstations has introduced the ‘Ultimate Performance’ mode to avoid such inconveniences and give you the best performance possible to derive from your PC and the only thing it needs is more electricity to juice it up!

Credits: Tech Frag

Many are already calling it totally worth it because who cares about a few extra volts when you can get a smooth PC experience even whilst performing heavy tasks. Will you be opting for the “Absolute maximum performance?” Let us know in the comments below!

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