Remember all that you studied throughout your schooling on repeat. Our teachers used to drone on an on about the universe having three states of matter, Solid Liquid and Gas that every particle can be converted into only three states, everything has a melting and boiling point.  Well I’m about to tell you that all that has been scientifically proven to be a lie. There is in fact a fourth state of matter, yes you heard me right everything we’ve learnt up till now has been a lie and I have science to back me up.

Plasma is now known as one of the four fundamental states of matter and was first discovered by sir Williams in 1979 using something we call a crooks tube which was an experimental discharge tube in which air is ionized by the application of high voltage through a voltage coil. He initially labelled it as radiant matter because of the radiance it emitted. Later a British physicist named Thompson identified the nature of the product thanks to his discovery of electrons and numerous experiments using cathode ray tubes. The term Plasma was eventually coined in by an American chemist and physicist who was reminded of the structure of plasma when he saw the matter.

Well that’s enough details on the discovery of plasma lets talk about the technical details and composition of plasma that differentiates it from the other three states of matter and makes plasma unable to be classified in the periodic table. Plasma and ionized gases have properties and exhibit behavior that is different from the other states of matter the transition between them is basically a matter of nomenclature. Based on the surrounding environmental temperature and density partially or fully ionized forms of plasma are produced. How is plasma useful in the real world? Plasma is actually used for those high definition images we get on our plasma screens, fluorescent lamps and neon signs. Plasma is said to be the most abundant form in the entire universe however this is still yet to be proved however plasma is usually associated with the stars extending to the rarefied intracluster medium. Above the earths surface the ionosphere is plasma and the magnetosphere contains plasma. Plasma is an electrically neutral medium of un bound negative and positive particles these particles are although technically free but aren’t literally free because the moving particles generate an electric current within the magnetic field. Plasma particles are good electrical conductors the electric potential is called the plasma potential or the space potential.

I hope this was a good informative read for you because it sure was a discovery for me! Let me know in the comments about what you think!

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