Here are some very interesting things that you might not know about the legendary “Steve Jobs!”

He was a pescetarian

 He ate only fish. And no other meat. And he ate anything else a vegetarian eats. Turns out if you compare pescetarians with regular meat-eaters they have a 34% less chance of dying of heart disease. And if you compare vegetarians with meat eaters, they only have a 20% less chance of dying of heart disease.

He Doesn’t Give Charity

He doesn’t believe in giving charity. Entrepreneurs are believed to someday give back what they received. But not according to Steve Jobs. When he became Apple’s CEO he stopped all of their philanthropic programs. He said, “wait until we are profitable”. Now they are profitable, and sitting on $40bb cash, and still not corporate philanthropy.

He Was A Zen Buddhist

He even thought about dropping life and joining a monastery to become a monk. His Guru, a Zen monk married him and his life. He believes that the Zen Group provided him with utter peace and relief when he at the lowest point in his life.

He Didn’t Go To College

I actually didn’t know this initially. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are the famous college dropouts that I knew about. But apparently, Steve Jobs went to Reed College for one semester and then dropped out.

He Made The Game “Breakout”

He made the game “‘Breakout.” ‘“Breakout” is a great arcade game. And then breakout was on every version of my Blackberry since 2000.


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