Cricket serves to be the most celebrated sport in Pakistan. If Pakistanis could, they would have made it a national holiday on every important cricket match, be it a Pakistan vs India match or a basic PSL game.

And PSL, it is like the shab e Qadar of Ramadan in Cricket for the Pakistanis. The nation is desperately waiting to know the second name which is to play Islamabad United in the final. Everyone has made all the arrangements to watch the PSL final in Karachi. Many have managed to get a ticket to watch it live, while others have planned to watch it at a friend’s place. We too will be making plans once we are done availing the great Pakistan Day sale 2018.

As much as we love cricket, we love to whine about our players too. From Lala’s 2 minute participation as a batsman to Misbah’s slow-ness in the game, we have a certain bashful statement for everyone.

Here are few of the things you will see every Karachi Mouse, Oops, Karachi Kings fan say while watching a PSL 2018 match.

Karachi Jeetega!


The tournament starts with the chants of ‘Karachi Jeetega’ by the hopeless yet hopeful Karachites.

Chalo jeeteg, par kab??!

Aaj Lala chalega!. He will perform today.  (Na baba, Lala nhi chalne wala)

Mene tou pehli hi kaha tha, Afridi doesn’t have it in him anymore. (The mene-tou-pehli-hi-kaha-tha people are the worst ones, I swear!)

Yeh matched fixed tha!


(Na pyaray na! Match nhi Karachi ki taqdeer fixed he ie, we aint winning a PSL tournament ever!)

Yaar yeh I’m in love with the- Imad Waseem- ko bahar nikalo. He cannot captain well.

The National

Where is Sarfaraz? Why isn’t he in Karachi Kings? At least woh dhoka nhi deta!


Doob gye Salman sahib k paise.


I wish I belonged to Lahore. At least they got a cute franchise owner!


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