Everyone loves to stay in shape and get that perfectly sculpted body. But workout stands out to be the last option to achieve that purpose for most of the people. The fear is definitely legit about working out since the first experience can be a little painful. There are a lot of things that can go on after your first workout experience – annoyance, trouble and you feel like beaten up, but in the long run, all the efforts are totally worth it. Sculpted body, toned shape and improved endurance are the striking fruits that you get as a result. Hence feeling irritated initially is totally worth it as it will eventually be normal because the body takes some time before adjusting.

Here are some of the things that you might encounter on your first ever try on work out.

Body soreness

To begin with, your body will feel continuously sore and tired for about a week or more because it is not accustomed to all the pressure that exercising exerts on it.  Working out causes little tears in the muscle fibres which get rebuilt by themselves following ache in the tissues.

Break-in of acne

By continuously sweating you will notice a sudden break in of zits and acne over your skin. This is just temporary. Due to the bacteria that immediately decide to reside on the perspiration on your skin, the skin becomes prone to acne and an itchiness.

Constant Hunger Pangs

Increased hunger due to exercise is quite normal as your body is casting off more calories than usual. This is nothing to fret over. You can calm down those hunger pangs by having a low fat, protein-rich and healthy carb-ed post work out a snack that should do for the rest of the day.

Uneven sleeping pattern

Sleeping issues after the first workout session are different for all. Some People with insomnia experience a positive shift in their sleeping pattern while others report sleeplessness. This happens due to the direct effect of exercise on your nervous and endocrine system which results in temporary irregularities in sleep-hormones.





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