Are you a die-hard fan of GoT? Yes? Then, you can live your dream vacations right now.

This Games of Throne-themed ice hotel in Finland is an ideal place to live your GoT dream, and it gives you every reason to celebrate freezing temperatures.

Lapland Hotels SnowVillage in Finland has partnered with HBO Nordic to include exclusive-made, “Game of Thrones”-themed Ice Hotel as part of the village in 2018.

The gorgeous 200,000-square-foot hotel is created with over 44 million pounds of snow and over 771,000 pounds of ice. By the time spring comes around, this Lapland hotel will be no more.

Within the hotel, you can around “Game of Thrones”-themed features like the Hall of Faces, just like in Braavos, giant ice dragon sculptures, and even an Iron Throne created out of ice.

Moreover, the ice hotel’s 25 rooms are decorated with carved, antiquated-looking features. Be careful, the hotel doesn’t have any indoor heating — or else there wouldn’t be a hotel at all.

But, if GoT is not your thing, the SnowVillage is an ideal place to observe the incredible phenomena of the Northern Lights, enjoy a husky safari or take a reindeer ride.

SnowVillage is open now through April 8, 2018. Head over to the SnowVillage website for more details.




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