The 23rd of March, Pakistan Day, is almost around the corner and we have so much to celebrate on this day. This auspicious day is celebrated all across the country to reminisce the sacrifices which were made in order to get a peaceful independent country. Honoring and attributing all the sacrifices and efforts of the people of the past, the entire nation commences this day with full zeal. And while everyone’s at it, here’s a list of the things which you should totally do instead of just watching the early morning parade and the flag hoisting ceremony

1. Explore the unexplored parts of your city

This is a great idea to begin with. For people who complain they do not get any holidays from their boss, this is the best time. Utilize your day off and explore the unexplored places of your city along with friends.

2. Avail the Pakistan Day 2018 sale

23rd March comes up with amazing Pakistan Day sale which should definitely be availed. Most of the local brands like Telemart make sure that they avail days like these and announce a mega sale. So go out and shop all you want!

3. Plan a movie marathon with friends

So now that you have a holiday why not plan a movie marathon with friends? To retain the essence of the day, watch some Pakistani flicks.

4. Read a book

For people like me who have been wanting to finish the half-read book on their bedside table but couldn’t for a long time because of lack of time, this is the best chance to do so. Get on your PJs, get some snacks and complete that book this Pakistan Day.

5. Check out history

A lot of people have no idea about what Pakistan Day actually is, what are the causes of its commencement and why is it so significant in history. So to have a better insight about this day, read an article or watch a video about the history of Pakistan Day.

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