There’s a lot one can do with $48,000 from buying multiple cars to investing in stocks. But, as crazy as it might sound, Prince Grace Hotel Suite in Monaco charges $48k for a single night.


So, what makes this hotel this expensive? Well, the hotel takes its name from a famous US movie star Grace Kelly, who had wed Monaco’s Prince in 1956 and had become a local Princess.

The hotel which is spread over an area of 910 square metres contains artwork, family photos and favourite literary and poetic works from the private collection of Princess Grace.

The luxury of this suite is limitless. It contains:

  • Two luxury bedrooms with dressing rooms,
  • Two bathrooms complete with sauna and steam room,
  • Multiple lounges,
  • A dining room
  • An office.

Modern-day stars such as Beyonce and Jay-Z have all stayed in this suite while vacationing, adding yet another kind of celebrity power to the hotel. So, are you planning on to spend this much money on a dream experience?


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