A study on improving memory by some nuns in Minnesota sometime ago collected a huge amount of data on about 600 nuns and found out that 21 percent of them had plaques and lesions. These lesions and plaques are the key hint of diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s but apparently there was no sign of these disorders from the outside.

All the participants of this experiment were very happy and showcased a positive outlook with no hint of any possible mental disorder in future. This indicates that even if a person has some deep rooted slight lesion , it might not appear from the surface. You might suffer from a disease and not have the slightest bit of idea about it.

Mehmet Oz says ‘What this shows is that we can do an awful lot to change how our brain functions’

Researchers say there are a load of tips and tricks which can improve the memory and keep one’s brain sharp. Doing brain boosting, daydreaming, staying optimistic, getting lost on a thought, playing mind using games like scrabble and cross words can improve the memory and keep ones brain very sharp and might decrease the risk of such lesions and plaques.

A recent study by a Mayo Clinic researcher in the department of Neurology says that one can increase and improve his memory too which is possible by directly stimulating the unexplored areas of the brain. The research states that memory impairments are very common and medication and behavioral therapies have a very limited effect on situations like these. However, this new research have come to the conclusion that ‘Electrical stimulation of the brain is emerging as potential therapy for a wide range of neurological and psychiatric diseases’

Dr. Gregory Worrell states that tickling the brain with such electrical stimulation has a great impact on sharpening of the improvement and may also help with the sleep/wake cycle.





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