Once again your all time favorite Mario Odyssey is ready to rock the World!


The new Mario Odyssey will bring back nostalgic memories for you. This time around, our most favorite Mario is with his new magic hat “Cappy”. The game is featuring two players, where Player one will control Mario and Player two will handle the new CAPPY.

The co-op demo was released during Nintendo’s E3 Treehouse Live Stream for people who missed the chance of seeing Mario and Cappy in action together.

The game is – MASSIVE! You’ll be surprised to see the teeny tiny details in it. The game has two different stages. The first is the old traditional Mario and the other one is the chaotic City.

The Cappy is another fascinating character in this game. In a single-mario mode, Cappy is used to capture objects and enemies whereas in co-op mode, two different icons appear on the screen to control Mario and Cappy independently.

By tossing the cute little Cappy on any anything, you can be that object. For example, by tossing the Cappy on a turtle, you transform into that turtle.

Cappy can jump higher and higher and can take over any object of your choice.
You can even buy his costumes by spending game points. The game is filled with immense possibilities, there’s no time limit except for your survival (obviously, mario’s survival).

Mario can also jump over the skyscraper, and can swim in the ocean. You’ll definitely have an amazing time playing this game.

The Nintendo Super Mario Odyssey will be released for switch on October 27.
On your marks. Get set. PLAY!



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