You may have come across several success stories of several small business owners who started their journey with minimum capital and from their garage but now are proud owners of a business conglomerate. However, if you go through their stories thoroughly you will see that the road to success of none of these successful business owners was easy. They had to put in much time and effort and a lot of thought in their business management process.

Managing a business is not a very easy task as it covers a large number of aspects and areas of importance. All these areas have to manage in the most proficient way and almost simultaneously to ensure that your business is running as desired and is on the right track.

When it comes to business, time and money are two things that you will need to make a successful business. Running out of both or either one will mean the end of your business dreams.

Managing time properly

Time is something which is never enough when you work. For a lazy person doing noting it is impossible to find ways to kill time but for any working person 24 hours seem to be too little to do so much in business or in any other field of life and existence. There are millions of decisions to make in a business and all in just 24 hours.

The best way to manage time is to minimize if not eliminate distractions or anything that may get into the way of your business operation and success. You will have to prioritize your business decisions and make the right one after considerable thought and considering the pros and cons. You will find this easy if you ask questions to yourself such as:

  • What is important for your business
  • What is it that has to be done right now and what are those that can be postponed for tomorrow
  • What are the factors or elements that are hindering the growth of your business
  • How to deal with such hindrances and
  • Whom you should partner with to deal with such issues effectively and successfully?

If you can find these answers today, you will surely have a better tomorrow and beyond. These answers will help you to manage time well and you will find a lot of it to spare and focus on other different and important areas of your business.

Manage your co-founders

Though it may be very hard to believe, if you have weak co-founders they may be a significant factor that may be hindering your business growth and adding to your startup woes. They may have helped you a lot with the funds and raising capital but they may not have the right set of skills to run a business.

Sometimes, they may even help you in a great way to develop a unique and great product but may not know how to help you with the marketing and sales aspect, two most crucial factors for business success.

Since all startups need new and better managers to run a business and also to spread the given workload, it will be fatal for your business if you do not recognize the skills of your co-founders. This is a serious problem that will surely exacerbate your startup woes. Therefore, make sure that you divide the workload amongst you considering the skills and ability and not simply based on favors and amount of capital introduced.

Scaling your business up

Scaling your business is another important part of business management. In most of the cases and especially with the startups, all are not so lucky to have a phenomenal growth simply based on the sales of their products or services.

However, even if you are lucky enough and do not need any external source for funding your business operation like a loan from a bank, a money lender or look for assistance at, there are other things you will need to focus on for proper scaling. If you do not then it will surely add to your headache and have a lot of problems.

You will have to look into aspects and areas like:

  • Adding a few spare employees
  • Deploying them in the right areas for the right jobs
  • Having an efficient human resource department if you suddenly experience an influx of staff
  • Ensuring proper and efficient administration
  • Focusing on payroll
  • Providing adequate support to all teams and departments
  • Consulting and even hiring developers for further business development
  • Any need for a larger office space
  • Analyzing the prospects of business expansion and
  • Making proper plans and arrangements for such office setups in other cities or even abroad.

All these considerations will result in your business success and therefore these are considered to be the price for success. Since price is involved, you will need a proper plan in place along with the required cash as well. If you have both then it is great, if you do not then you must get ready for a much painful process and tough road to success ahead.

Comfort and competition

If you want to face the competition and stay ahead of the others you will have to come out of your comfort zone as these two cannot go together. If you do not have that enthusiasm to come out of, think and act outside your comfort zone, you will not succeed.

You must push yourself beyond the limits, well as much as you can afford to, and make a resounding pitch to your potential investors to make the required funding. You will need to put in your hard efforts to ensure that your startup thrives as the ‘build it and they will come’ concept does not work most of the times.

No one will say that it is easy to succeed in a startup business even if your product or services are great. This is a crowded marketplace with lots of new rivals. Expect cut-throat competition and ever altering pitch. There is scope for poor management and lack of right strategy. One last thing: procrastinating will not help for startup success.

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