The era of talking cars will hit by 2019 if Volkswagen’s plan worked.

Volkswagen’s cars will soon be talking to each other via wireless technology. The German car manufacturer announced that pWLAN (public wireless LAN) technology will be fitted to its cars by 2019.

The technology will enable cars, within a radius of 500 m, to share information about traffic jams, block roads, warnings, or a risky situation within seconds or may be less.

The system will at first be constrained to warnings and local information only, but as the technology takes off it’ll be able to bring more broad elements to it. For example, information about emergency service vehicles and real-time traffic light monitoring.


The innovation utilizes a frequency band peculiarly proposed for road security, and in light of the fact that this is confined, there’s no data storage included, which means there’s no compelling reason to stress over data costs or network coverage. It agrees to the car industry standard for this sort of tech, so there won’t be any Volkswagen inner circles – autos fitted with pWLAN can converse with each different regardless of their make.

The Department of Transportation has already made it quite clear that it needs America’s autos to converse with each other within the near future, so you can likely expect comparable declarations from different producers soon.



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