With frequent rumours circulating about the discontinuation of Xli and Glia variant of the Toyota Corolla lineup, the company might be up with new strategies. 

The urge of competing with Honda or to cope-up with upcoming international companies, Toyota may be changing its strategy of offering two different categories of Sedan.

Toyota Vios might be similar to the one offered in Thailand:

This might not be an absurd statement because as we all know that Toyota Indus Motor imports parts for their locally assembles cars from Thailand, so the new Toyota Vios can certainly be similar to the one offered in Thailand.

What can you expect:

Let’s look at few things that you can expect from this beauty. The sporty and classy look of this car is because of its perfectly designed exterior.

The projection LED headlamps and multi-reflector headlamps make a perfect exterior. The back side of both the variants is pretty similar. The only noticeable difference is the chrome grill for the fully loaded variant and body coloured grill for the base variant. The same goes for the door handles. 16 inch two-toned, beautiful alloys are standard on the fully loaded version while the base version gets 15-inch steel rims with simple hubcaps.

There’s much more to expect from the new Toyota Vios!

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