It’s not any news for anyone that the most excited Muslims are , is when the Holy month of Ramadan is approaching , We all pray to live long enough to be blessed with this month and offer our prayers to Allah ❤

Fasting in Ramadan is beneficial for our iman and our health also , Allah has put something good for us in every Farz .. Even though , the heat wave constantly surrounding us , but Muslims in every corner of the very ready to Fast and Pray to Allah ❤


In this heat wave there are few simple tips that you can follow to be healthy and fit so that you are able to enjoy this month and keep doing ibadat❤


1- the top priority in any To Do List for Ramadan is “Water ” , yes , lots and lots of water .. like most people you must also feel thirsty during your fast ,or you feel your throat dry up , specially in this dry weather .. so remember to dring lots and lots of water , whenever you get the chance do drinkthat a glass of water…


2- Fruits

The other things that are healthier than water in Ramadan Kareem are fruits , fruits are good for health In general No matter what time of the year it Is , fruits keep you healthy and fit .. comsume fruits without any added sweet source , fruits make you feel fuller to help you not feel hungry.  And nutrients of fruita like WaterMelon , Melon etc they not only give you carbs or proteins they actually  have high content of water in them , so it also helps you not feeling thirsty…


3- don’t ovee do it but try to work out!

If you want to loose weight in Ramadan , it can surely happenbe , you caN do it but exercise, dont over do it , because after a fast it takes time to replenish all the nutrients , so it’s important to not exercise right aftee iftar , instead if you want to work out do it after 1 or 2 hours


4- sleep well !

There’s a trend now , in every house one person in the houseworld has to stay up untull you’ve finally realizes that it’s not important !


Keep your heLth routene  proper in order to keep eChother hPpy !


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