There’s a Tom and Jerry war going on between Snapchat and Instagarm


It’s been happening for a while now that Instagram is acting like a copy cat.

The Facebook-owned app, Instagram launched its own story feature that appears at the top of the app. Although the story feature is a replica of Snapchat, it has shifted many people from Snapchat to Instagram. It seems like the war is like the one Tom and Jerry Snapchat.

Snapchat rolled out a new feature in May, that is known as “Our Story”  feature. This update let everyone add up their stories in a single story. Let’s see what new update will Instagram bring in its story section similar to snapchat’s “Our Story” section.

It is also being noticed that Instagram not only imitate the story section of Snapchat but it has copied the funny filters and disappearing direct messages. This Tom and Jerry Snapchat and Instagram war is catching fire!

Up till now, Instagram hasn’t replicated the one most famous feature of Snapchat and that is the “Snapstreak.” It lets users know how many days they have sent snaps to their friends and if you don’t send a snap to your friend even for a day, you’ll lose your streak.

Last year at Business Insider’s IGNITION, an event that was arranged to have a talk with the trendsetters, discussed how people communicate to their phones and which is the app that a person uses the most on a daily basis? And the answers were clear, it’s the “Snapstreak.”

“Let’s say you have a 1oo-day streak going with a friend,” one participant said. “There’s, like, an obligation and a lot of pressure to continue, and if you lose your streak, the world’s over.”

It’s clear that if Snapchat is rolling out new Snapchat features, filters, and updates and making its user believe that they need to use it daily then the company won’t break apart no matter how many apps like Instagram start to replicate its new updates.

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