Pets are the lovely and most loyal creature of this world. When it comes to care, many times we are overprotective towards our pets. essential oil plays an important role in a dog’s life. Some say it’s a great way to keep your dog healthier as it prevents dogs from anxiety and heals the pain if any.

The essential oil can also harm your pet. Majority of people don’t know how to use essential oil. There are different essential oils that aren’t good for your dog. In this blog, we will discuss 10 essential oils that are harmful to pets but will also let you know about the safe ways.

essential oils are obtained by plants. It is basically a natural oil obtained by distillation. They are processed with a lot of care and produced for aromatherapy. It is pure and natural but it doesn’t mean that it is healthier for your pets. the purity often depends upon the intake of the plant such as the quantity of water a plant receives, altitude and sunlight.

pets could get hurt by the concentrated essential oil.  The best way is to dilute the essential oil in carrier oil and then use for your pet.

Don’t forget to concern a vet before using any essential oil. For the safety precautions, you need to be attentive while applying the essential oil.

Top 10 essential oil harmful to pets

There are many essential oils poisonous to dogs, cats, and many other pets. the top 10 are listed below

  1. Anise oil: anise essential oil is quite harmful to both cats and dogs as it contains the polyphenolic compound that is quite harmful to the liver of your pet. It’s better not to use around your pets.
  2. Birch oil: there are many toxic oils that are not good for many pets including the dog. Undiluted birch oil can make your pet’s kidney fail. Many sever problems like gastrointestinal ulcer and seizure. Birch oil can also steal your dog’s life.
  3. Bitter almond oil: one of the most harmful oil that can ruin a pet life if taken by mouth. Hydrocyanic acid is the poisonous chemical that is present inside the bitter almond oil.
  4. Tea tree oil:A very toxic oil quite harmful to pets. It can react and can be allergic to your pets.
  5. Pennyroyal oil: can be very harmful to your dogs.  It can cause liver failure and hepatic necrosis to your dog.
  6. Peppermint oil: these types of oil are also toxic and can harm your pet even from its fragrance. Cats and dogs possess a high sense of smell so it’s better to keep away these types of oil from them.
  7. Lemon essential oil: if you apply any oil containing lemon on to your dog’s body then it will hurt him so badly. Be sure to read the ingredients of any oil you bought for your dog.
  8. Eucalyptus oil: there are many oils that cannot be diffuse around the pets. eucalyptus oil is also one of those oils that possess high toxic which can hurt pets internally by inhaling it.
  9. Ylang ylang oil: don’t ever place this oil on your pet’s body. It can badly hurt your pet skin due to highly toxic.
  10. Wintergreen oil:  is used for the treatment of pain in aches and in muscles. As it is beneficial it can also harm your pet if not used properly.

How to use essential oil for pets

There are many essential oils that are safe for cats, dogs and many other pets. you have to use essential oil in a proper method. Always use pure and diluted oil for your pet. generally, put one to two drop of essential oil in 50 to 60 drops of carrier oil. calculation various as per the essential oil. if your dog is not healthy enough so you can ask your vet about the exact usage of essential oil. allow the aroma to spread for 10 to 18 minutes after diffusing the essential oil. your dog will get benefits from that fragrance.

Some cautions when applying the essential oil

  • You should know completely about your pet’s health.
  • Do a regular checkup by the vet and make sure your dog is healthy.
  • Do carefully observe the reaction of your dog while applying the essential oil. in case of any adverse reaction stop using the oil and contact to your vet.
  • Never try to give any essential oil to your dog with food.
  • Use of essential oil depends upon the age and size of your pet. never apply essential oil to the newborn as they are more sensitive.
  • Make sure that your pet doesn’t face any internal or external problem by essential oil.

Take care of the creature that can’t talk to you

be a good owner of your pets. it’s the responsibility of the owner to take care of the dog as he cannot share problems with anyone. Be a problem solver for your canine. Set a daily routine and give time to your dog. Recognize the value of your dog as they are the most honest and loyal creature.

You need to give the proper food just like you do. Make the schedule of the different food item and give each daily. You need to contact a proper vet every week or month even if your dog health is absolutely fine.

At last, do the things your pet like the most. He is just like your friend.

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