Gone are the days when airports used to be just a hub for airplanes and manual boarding (which is both stressful and time consuming). Many airports have now gone tech-based mostly to keep up with people’s need of efficiency.
There is no denying that the future is already here. When we talk about high tech airports, we are not just referring to solar panels and efficient lighting system. We mean much more than that. So much so that the airports are ditching the traditional way of boarding and security checks and replacing them with facial recognizing machines and self-security checks.
Let’s see some of the best technology based airports around the world and how they have stepped up their game by not only becoming tech based but also much more efficient and ecofriendly.

Incheon Airport-Seoul, South Korea

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Incheon Airport incorporates the best of technology in its operations. It uses the ILS Cat-III B system which basically executes a series of pre-determined maneuvers to land the plane. Although it is only available for planes with fail-operational systems, it is truly remarkable for safety.

Pittsburgh international airport-USA

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Pittsburgh international airport has been meticulously engineered to tackle extreme weather conditions, winter in particular. With particular attention on runway safety, the management of Pittsburgh international airport takes the weather conditions very seriously.

Changi Airport-Singapore

Source: World Airport Codes

Changi Airport’s newest terminal i.e. Terminal 4 features an excellent system for time efficient operations which are both convenient and secure. Its latest addition is the biometric scanning system and digital boarding via smartphones. Another awesome feature of this airport is the unique Amazon styled stores where you can scan the product and it would directly be sent to your homes.

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