After the auctions of 3G and 4G networks, Smartphones became one of the hottest business. In a report to Government by PTA, about 42 Millions Smartphone users were observed in Pakistan. That’s make a huge and profitable business industry worth not in millions, but billions! So, it created opportunities for the international smartphone brands to invest in the smartphone industry of Pakistan. One of the essay writing service took performed a brief analysis of the current situations of smartphone sales in Pakistan. So they came up and discussed these top brands that hold the most of the market’s share by the year 2018.


Samsung is still on the top among the smartphone brands. It holds almost 40% market share by 2017. Not only in Pakistan, it is also the leading Smartphone brand in the world. To date, Samsung has produced many luxurious and high-end smartphones. Samsung comes with stylish design and competitive technologies.
Yet, the price factor of the Samsung’s smartphones comes under a premium pricing strategy. But people still want to buy the Samsung’s products because it’s a Brand!
Smartphones launched by Samsung include Galaxy A7, and A5. And who can forget it’s flagship Note & S Series for the hardcore Samsung Fans!


Huawei is now the third biggest brand in the Smartphone world, in globe, and 2nd big in Pakistan. It shares about 13% of the market share. Huawei recently launched some of the greatest smartphones with unique features. They also reduced their prices, which returned them with highest sales in 2017.
The best sellers are Huawei Mate 10, Mate 10 Lite, with the dual cameras. This great flagship phone introduced at a price of 30,000 PKR. Some other Smartphones launched by Huawei include Nova 3, Nova 3i, Mate 10, P20, and P20 plus.


Qmobile is still the largest mobile brand in Pakistan, because of its cheap feature phones. But in smartphones market, it is facing big troubles nowdays. Critics says Qmobile will be no more in a few years. A sale of 1 million phones achieved by the company because people with low budget always go for Qmobile.
Some of the famous smartphones launched by Qmobile include Noir X1s, Noir J7, and Noir E8. Qmobile has a competitive price to its competitors, with many of its smartphones lying under 15,000 PKR.


OPPO is also a chines brand and is popular because of the picture quality. It is much better than other brands and in low prices. OPPO is loved by many people of Pakistan, especially by women because of its AI selfie camera.
Some of the famous OPPO smartphones include F3, F5, and F7 (in the figure below). The OPPO smartphones are targeted to the youngsters who love to take photos. Although the processing speed of OPPO is ok, compared to Huawei and Samsung. If someone is looking for the best camera, he must go for OPPO.

What bigger next?

These are just those brands that are in the market for years! But the competition is getting rough and tough by every next day!
So, what’s big coming? Some phones that made name without any advertising! Without any brand ambassadors! The brand that is 1st in India and 2nd in China’s Mammoth Market! It’s the 4th biggest brand with an annual growth rate of 152%. What is this?
It’s Xiaomi!
And the critics say that it will dominate the Pakistan’s Smartphone Market. It will also be the biggest brand within few years after the Apple. It has already acquired the two biggest markets of the world. In Pakistan it is available online on Telemart, and other E-Stores.

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