Archideators architecture trends in Pakistan for 2019

Architecture designing requires creativity to make the living spaces around us breathe. Often we find ourselves working in architectural spaces that we overlook. We interact with architectural spaces without every noticing their impact in our lives. Let’s look into some of the upcoming architectural designing trends in 2019 in Pakistan:

  • Sustainable Architectural Spaces:

The industries have shifted their focus on sustainable construction places.  Architects now have to choose out the designs that reduce the carbon footprint. Various technologies and sustainability have directed this shift in the architectural industry. The vertical walls, greener buildings, recycling of construction materials are a few examples. Thus, if you are looking to hire an architect then look for one who knows these emerging trends in Pakistan.


  • Smaller, Multi-functional Homes:

More people are shifting their focus towards micro-apartments, co-housing, and multi-functional apartments.  Architects are more focused on building small spaces that create a large impact. The small spaces are lighter in the pockets and provide multi-functionality.  This trend has also formed a challenge for architects to use space and design. Archideators have expert architects who can design multi-functional homes in Pakistan.

  • Open Space Designs for Offices:

One of the major changes we have seen is the rise of open workspaces. It is also called “Experience-driven space movement”. Where the offices encourage the well being of the employees and provide a great experience. Corporate is now focusing on building spaces that employees enjoy.  So architects build spaces like meditation areas, music and game room. Another emerging trend in Pakistan is that the office is co-working with shared spaces and resources.

  • Smart Homes, Cities and Automation:

Robotics and automation have led towards focusing on smart homes and cities. The use of home automation also known as “Domotics”  have increased the ease of living. You can now control and manage your room temperature, appliances, TVs, these smart technologies. The smart cities are also built in Pakistan through the help of expert architects.

  • Emerging technologies in Construction:

Artificial intelligence is on the rise and taken over the construction companies. Construction companies have improved efficiency through modular construction, 3D Designing, BIM systems. You can see some construction companies who are making use of these technologies. Due to their latest will rise over their competitors.

Final Thoughts:

We have discussed a few of the emerging trends in the Architecture industry of Pakistan. Few trends include sustainable living spaces and smart homes which will preserve in the upcoming years as well. According to the latest Glassdoor reports, Architects and interior designers are high in demand. Thus this data has also influenced the architecture industry in Pakistan.

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