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Top Reasons Businesses Use Instagram Analytics

Today you can measure the success of your business online and figure out how it is performing in this age of stiff competition. Yes, you can use Instagram analytics to monitor your brand’s progress, spot trends, and assess your targeted audience in depth. There is no doubt about the same. Use Instagram analytics to collate data as to the most popular hashtags, and understand which photos are garnering more likes, shares, or comments.You also learn about the best time to post content on Instagram.

According to an article published on, you can use Social Rank, which is a popular Instagram tool to learn the details related to your followers depending on their level of engagement or location. Read on to learn more about the top benefits of Instagram analytics.

Know your customers

The analytics will break down your customer data based on age, sex, location, language, income, likes, and dislikes. The tools will give you a detailed report so that you can understand your targeted audience in a better way. It will help you create the right content that your potential buyers will like and share. It will lead to conversions and sales in the future.

If you know, who your customer is and what he likes, it will be easier for you to sell the products that they would love to use. This way, you can customize your content for the targeted audience you want to reach. You can learn more about Instagram tools, benefits, and tips on sites such as Stormlikes.

Perform the best and beat your competitors

When you know which posts are popular and attract maximum likes and the timeof the day to post content, you win half the battle. Yes, you perform the best and beat your competitors in business. This way, you can become an authority in your industry when you know these details. If you learn that the best time to post your Instagram content is 10 pm on Monday, then you should schedule your posts accordingly. Using analytics, you can post only customized content that your audience likes and shares the most. That is the best way to connect with your prospective customers and optimize your Instagram content to promote your products or services.

It will help you post the best content at the right time, thus helping you attain success and stay ahead of all competition.

Do campaign planning

When you plan your campaign strategy on Instagram, you should know the patterns, trends, and growth of your business. It is also imperative that you study your competitors and understand their strategies. Use Instagram analytics to compare growth over a specified time. It will help you understand what you need to do during the peak time when your campaign runs. There is no shortcut and easy way than this. You need to understand the same and do campaign planning. It will help you to boost your overall Instagram marketing strategy.


Now that you have these benefits, it will inspire you to improve your branding efforts on Instagram. Use the best tools and analytics to achieve success.

Author Bio: Karen Anthony is a social media manager associated with a leading brand. She has a lot of social media information on her fingertips. She was once associated with Stormlikes as well. Her hobbies include writing and cooking.

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