2018 brought with it a number of amazing innovations along with it. With the highly technological products at CES’18 to the super innovative cars in Geneva Motor Show, it is all about unique and different inventions.

The Geneva Motor Show, which is expected to happen between 8th to 18th March, will unveil a parade of new model cars which are all set to stay in headlines for the rest of the year.

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Toyota, the automotive giant, has confirmed its presence in the great big event. This year around, just like all the previous years, Toyota has a massive surprise for the world to drool at. Supra is back! This iconic car has been set to make its comeback but this time in partnership with BMW. The decision of joining together to make a world-class sports car between the two giants was made back in 2012.

A total of four Supras were manufactured by Toyota between 1979 to 2002, after which the company stopped making sports cars till now.

At this point, the company only manufactures the lower cost GT86 Coupe. Moreover, the BMW i3 120ah battery is something beyond amazing.


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