Toyota’s Self-Driving Cars

Toyota is the world’s largest automaker. They will soon reveal the latest reprise of its self-driving test vehicles in Las Vegas in the next week. The TRI-P4 test car is designed by the Toyota Research Institute, the automaker’s Silicon Valley-based division, and the major upgrade over the third version of the vehicle is amazing, which is, more space in the trunk!

This new upgrade might not sound very impressive. But the people who are familiar with autonomous vehicle design will recognize it as a big step. Most level-4 capable self-driving cars on the road, the cars can perform all the driving tasks, they all contain high-powered computers in their trunks.

How Does It Operate?

The computers contain a deep learning algorithm which penetrates through it. And also, operate itself accordingly. It also captures and records every moment while the car is moving.  After a small period of time, the computers get hot while they operate, which requires water-cooling hoses and radiators, which take up even more space.

The TRI-P4 can see better, because of two additional cameras in the sensor suite, and is “smarter” compared to previous versions, the institute claims. Furthermore, the radar system has a better field of view, especially for close-range detection around the vehicle perimeter.

More Information

Moreover, with greater computing power, the vehicle’s systems can operate “more machine learning algorithms in parallel for faster learning. It can process sensor inputs faster and react more quickly to the surrounding environment,” as stated by TRI.

The exceptional design of the vehicle resembles to the third generation. Merely swapping a white paint job for a grey one. Toyota states that the testing of the new vehicles will begin soon.




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