Travel anywhere on earth in 60 Minutes with Elon Musk’s Rocket and Spacecraft


You can travel to anywhere on the earth within 60 minutes. Yes, Elon Musk’s rocket system (which doesn’t have a name yet but for now it is called BFR) for Mars, will also be used for earth to earth flights.

The high speed 4.6 miles per second BFR can take you from New York to Los Angeles in just 25 minutes.

“[L]aunch, insertion and entry would be similar to a capsule spacecraft [like the Soyuz], with the difference being in the final phase of landing,”  Chiao, who’s flown aboard three NASA space shuttles and a Russian Soyuz, told Business Insider.

He further explains, “During launch on a rocket with liquid engines […] the liftoff is very smooth and one really can’t feel it,” he described. “Ignition of the next stage engine(s) causes a momentary bump in g-force. As you get to the last part of ascent, you feel some g’s come on through your chest, but it is not uncomfortable.”

He explains the crucial moment when passengers feel weightless on separating the rocket engine from the Spacecraft by saying:

“You feel like you are tumbling, as your balance system struggles to make sense of what is happening, and you are very dizzy. You feel the fluid shift [in your body], kind of like laying heads-down on an incline, because there is no longer gravity pulling your body fluids down into your legs. All this can cause nausea. As you start to re-enter the atmosphere, you would feel the g’s come on smoothly and start to build.”

 “[Y]ou would both feel and hear [the engines],” Chiao said. “As the thrust builds, you would feel the g’s come on again and then at touchdown, you would feel a little bump.”

If you can face the situation then BFR is right for you!

“[T]his would not be for the faint of heart, and it is difficult to see how this would be inexpensive.”

 “But the one thing I’ve learned from observing Elon, is not to count him out,” Chiao added.

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