Travel Guide: Top Beautiful Cities in America
Source: DXN USA

America is the home to many beautiful, breath-taking towns. From California to NYC. From the lush, green forests to Gulf Stream waters. Here are the top beautiful cities in America that are going to take your breath away.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston has gorgeous beaches, well-known golf resorts, and a galore of art galleries, for those looking for modern, rather than historical, amusements.

St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Petersburg is a home to warm, clear weather that lasts nearly the whole year, which is a great news for travellers to visit beautiful beaches. So, when are you traveling to this city which ranks amongst top beautiful cities in America?

Newport, Rhode Island

Newport is well-known for its architectural landmarks and historic areas, many signifying the latter 19th to start of 20th centuries’ Gilded Age here. The city is also considered a popular district for sailing.

San Francisco

Besides some recent cultural changes, San Francisco remains to be among beautiful cities. The ‘City by the Bay’ is spectacular, with major landmarks and cultural attractions. And yes, the Golden Gate Bridge adding more beauty to this gorgeous city.

Madison, Wisconsin

Besides a spectacular city skyline, it owns majestic lakeside cycling trails. The University of Wisconsin’s Bascom Hall is one of Madison’s must-see sights.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Having an amazing coastline, Virginia Beach is among the best beaches, invites keen surfers looking to try its Atlantic waves. It has a lot to offer: mouth-watering restaurants and amicable romantic view, a great evening follow-up to an ideal beach day.The Busch Gardens amusement park is a great centre of attraction for vacations.

Jackson, Wyoming

Jackson may seem small to visitors, but it is a mini city.  A major gateway for millions of tourists visiting nearby Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park, Jackson is also well-known for its ski resorts.

Perdido Key, Florida

Perdido Key is a hidden treasure located within the city of Pensacola. The small town is ideal for nature seekers, beaches, parks, and wildlife preserves occupy more than half of the area. Perdido Key Florida: Top Beautiful Cities in America


Philadelphia is a hidden urban treasure; it has got great restaurants and museums, and a major portion of history as the first capital of the U.S.

Philadelphia: Top Beautiful Cities in America

Lincoln, Nebraska

The city of Lincoln is a modern diamond. It boasts high-end shopping, museums, and bustling nightclubs.

Lincoln, Nebraska: Top Beautiful Cities in America

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