Travelling is not just rejuvenating or a vacation. Staying in a hotel with family or friends is a vacation. Its a very small percentage of the actual “travelling experience”.Travelling is actually backpacking, it is more of interacting with new people and cultures. When people travel, comfort has the least priority in their mind. It is basically challenging yourself to push your limits.

*Travel around with random people just met few hours ago and already having a good bonding*

*Different ways of dealing with life and experiences and trying to grasp some from everyone*

*Staying all alone at a different place just focussing on self-development*

*Gaining confidence*

*Improves public speaking and global etiquettes*


The list goes on, travelling really changes our perspective towards life, job, everything. Life seems better and happier.

We got one life and its very important to experience our home planet, its different geographies, topographies and people.

Human beings were not born to be machines who can be efficient in one or the other things. These things like assets, currency, relationships etc came just to fulfill few basic needs.

  1. Benefits of solo Travel :
    • Fear‘Everything you want is on the other side of the fear’.Travelling alone is not easy, first time in life. People were scared , anxious and fearful. Not inclined to trust strangers.
    • Friendships – the biggest gift to mankind is friendship. Be it with humans, animals, trees, mountains, rivers..they are all living beings.. travelling solo makes the best and the most real and the most lasting friendships.
    • Growth – Meeting new people, knowing their culture, knowing their ways of life, knowing their emotions, eating their food.. u conclude at the end that you are all the same, just the means differ..the ends remain the same for everyone. A quest for mental and physical comforts. Age/religion/gender/ caste/ etc no bars.. we are all just the manifestation of 1 single supreme energy.
    • Spirit of being – Spending time with people from different verticals of life- farmers, drivers, students, lamas, school kids, artists, craftsmens…u become them.. u grow from inside..from within.. u introspect ur being and u extrapolate at heart..ur horizons are widened.. u have a realization that how small a part you yourself are in the whole universal scheme of things..
    • Freedom – You smell freedom, you breathe freedom, you eat freedom and you sleep freedom. Basically you become Freedom. You can stop anywhere, meet anyone, go anywhere, eat anything, drink anything, say anything, ask anything…. guys believe me there is no better feeling as a human. Try it once.
  2.  Best travel hacks:
  • Don’t buy expensive luggage.
  • For a traveler, the first thing came to their head is booking or Skyscanner to find cheap flights or hotel deals…
  • Shopping.      

– Why travelling is so good?

Everyone loves to travel. Trips provide new experiences, adventures, and memories that last a lifetime. Not only is travel fun; it provides a variety of surprising personal and health benefits. Studies show travel leads to a greater learning capacity, increased feeling of happiness and satisfaction, better family relationships, and even decreased risk of heart disease.

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