Recently, a Turkish football, Harunustapor made history by using Bitcoin. The foreign club make a total deal worth around 4,500 in Turkish Lira which makes 850 Euros.

The deal was announced by the club’s president Mr. Haldun Sehit.

We did this to make a name for ourselves in the country and the world. This is a first for Turkey and the world in the transfer market,” Sehit was cited in an interview with NTV Sport.

The player settled the transaction and publicly showed it via his phone screen. The Bitcoin was brought in 2009 and since then has a major role in the currency domain. It has increased its price over Seventeen fold since last year and after sudden boom it has gradually fallen up to $10,000

This investment has indeed brought many people around the world to acknowledge the football club’s funding in Bitcoin as this turns out to be the history.

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