The micro-blogging website, Twitter has admitted that particular locations included some of its users’ tweets were disclosed without their consent last week due to a bug.

“We’ve discovered an issue for a small percentage of people who recently had location-sharing on, Tweeted from //, and tapped to add an emoji or GIF. In certain instances, a city-level location was also included in the Tweet,” the social media giant posted late on Friday.

“This happened for less than a week for people who had enabled Tweeting with location in their settings – but may not have intended to tag a city in these specific Tweets. The issue did not occur for people who had location Tweeting turned off in their settings,” it further said.

Tweeps have shown their concerns about the privacy issue last week, pointed at accounts associated with Twitter and its founders.

Some users believed that the location added to their tweets was not their actual location but instead a place they had recently visited or searched for on the micro-blogging platform.

The organization has removed the locations from tweets that were affected by the bug and has also reached out to such accounts users via email (if it’s provided to them), according to

“We’ve removed the locations from potentially affected Tweets & are directly emailing those who may have been impacted, if an email address has been provided to us. We take these types of issues seriously. We’re sorry this occurred & will continue our work to make Twitter better,” said the organization.

This comes just a couple of days after Google acknowledged the practice of gathering location data through Android smartphones even when the location services were turned off and there was no SIM card in the device. However, the search engine giant has now been summoned by regulators in South Korea this week for questioning.

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