Twitter Moments are Going to Have a New Feature

In the world of social media, the unique microblogging platform, Twitter has its own identity. But Twitter seems to be interested in expanding its reach to not only text but other versions of content as well. According to a report of CNBC, Twitter is working on an image focused feature which will be found in Twitter Moments. The feature is somewhat extracted from the idea of Snapchat’s Discover option.

Three anonymous employers on Twitter are the source of the rumor. They told CNBC that the company in order to attract more advertisers intends to launch an update to Twitter Moments that focuses on photos and videos with a geotag, arranging visual content around nearby events. The feature will reportedly collect images based on locations and topics to highlight them all together, just like Snapchat.

Image source: The Balance

Some senior executives who were familiar with the development, quoted,

“With this change, the emphasis on the platform would change from text to video and images, giving advertisers a competitor to one of Snap’s most popular advertising opportunities,”

With the above statement, it is quite confirmed that the company is working on the feature. However, there is no date given to launch it yet. The unknown employers also remarked that the feature is in early stages of development and can have multiple changes by the time it is ready to launch. But there is no official confirmation or statement from Twitter in this regard.

It is a hunch that the upcoming feature would create a spot inside Twitter Moments for location-based photos and videos. For right now, Twitter Moments is divided into sections including news, sports, entertainment, and fun.Twitter’s interest in attracting advertisers is not new. It has been there since its first profit. As just about a year ago, the revenue from ads rose to one percent making up a total of  $644 million.

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