Twitter rolled out new features on Monday to make its users able to get rid of the notifications from accounts that they want to avoid. The recent development is the chain of strides twitters is taking in order to protect its platform from abusive behaviors and spams.

The micro-blogging website introduced its “advanced filter settings” will now have options for users to mute notifications from accounts that they do not follow and vice versa. Users can also have the accessibility to filter unwanted and annoying tweets from notifications such as promotional and autogenerated tweets. Users can mute the notification related to certain words and phrases.

Twitter had said in March that it would introduce new filtering options for notifications to allow users to limit what they see from certain types of accounts, such as those that do not have a profile photo.

Twitter and competitor Facebook have been confronting a blast of criticism for neglecting actions that are necessary to be taken to prevent cyber-harassing, fake news, and radical propaganda publicly on their platforms.

Last week, a US judge ruled that Twitter could move forward with a lawsuit that aims to free technology companies to speak more openly about surveillance requests they receive from the US government.

The US government had failed to show the kind of “clear and present danger” that could possibly justify restraints Twitter’s constitutional right to talk about surveillance requests, US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers in Oakland, California, said in a written order.

“The government’s restrictions on Twitter’s speech are content-based prior restraints subject to the highest level of scrutiny under the First Amendment,” Rogers wrote.

The First Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees certain rights including freedom of speech.




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