Twitter was on a low for a while, in the U.S it dropped a million users, along with faced a condemnation for posting political views in US election 2016. Furthermore, analyst still thinks Twitter has a lot more to improve.

The famous social media platform got real lucky this Thursday. Twitter, a public company posted a surprising evidence of the company making its first ever money. It reflected their enhanced finances, its unique selling point, connecting marketers and publicists to sell things.

The strong sales in holiday stood up the results of Twitter. The company faced not just the profit but also the revenue growth of $732 million analysts, comparing it to the past data which was $686 million. The shares now score 22% more and per share now made it to $31.27.

Twitter is still not at its best in digital ads. These ads are conquered by Facebook and Google. Twitter carries a slight fragment of the market which has to grow a lot. For a longer run, Twitter might not make significant achievements against its opponents. Even with other company like Facebook and its struggles, Twitter is still under low rank for developing soon.

There is no evidence that Twitter benefited from Facebook’s drawbacks. However, Twitter earns better than Snapchat.

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