Cricket is the most celebrated sport in Pakistan and having a substantial chance in this sport on a national or International level is the dream of millions of young girls and boys in Pakistan.

One such dream in the city of lights came true when Mohammad Zaryab, the son of former Pakistani batsman Aamer Hanif, was selected in U19 tournament in Lahore. But this short-lived dream soon came to a tragic end when Zaryab ended his life in hopelessness.

Zaryab was representing Karachi in the U19 tournament where he met with an accident and was sent back to his home due to his injuries.

On being interviewed Hanif, who played in five ODI’s for Pakistan back in 90’s, revealed that his son resisted the move as he believed that his injury was not so serious that he would be sent back home. According to him, his son took his life because he faced a lot of injustices in cricket due to which he felt depressed and succumbed to the eternal sleep.

While giving interview to a local magazine he said, ‘What my son has done, or what he faced, I hope no other player has to go through this. He was pressurized too much while playing matches at the U19 level. He was disappointed and left all cricket behind and went into a deep depression. I tried to motivate him but he did this due to the injustices and mistreatment he faced at the U19 level”.

Zaryab hanged himself to death leaving his family in grief.

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