The Uber car’s UberMOTO service available previously in various countries all around the world is now available in Pakistan!

Uber, a well-known smartphone service, available easily on Google App Store connects its Uber car drivers to the riders to give them a safe ride. The global app has now launched uberMOTO in Pakistan which will be starting from Lahore, and then to the major cities of Pakistan.

UberMOTO, just like all the other services of Uber, will give the people quick access to move around the city conveniently without any worry.

Motorbikes are a fundamental part of Pakistan’s transportation network and as such this is a great opportunity to launch uberMOTO, which will provide more mobility options catered to the needs of people in Pakistan. uberMOTO continues to support our commitment to provide affordable safe and reliable means of transportation while also creating additional job opportunities in Pakistan.” said Safee Shah, the General Manager of Uber in Pakistan.

The company claims that UberMOTO will be efficient as well as very affordable for the people travelling alone from one place to another.

UberMOTO will be one of the most quick and convenient rides within the city with low fares. This service will suit every person who has a long journey or short whether its from their work or from a bus station.

The riders will receive the Uber car driver’s contact and the details of the bike just like they do when they book a ride of a regular Uber car which will also include all the safety features like two-way feedback, GPS tracking, trip details, and ratings.

Keeping in mind that the Uber’s competitor, Careem has already introduced its bike sharing option which is running successfully throughout many cities of Pakistan, we hope that Uber brings this service to the other cities as well.

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