The on-going desperation to lead the race of autonomous driving gave birth to series of accusations from both the sides.

The trial that could determine the fate of Uber’s autonomous driving program is finally underway in a crowded courtroom in San Francisco.

The trial court on Monday witnessed serious ‘cheating’ blames imposed on Uber by Waymo’s lawyer:

In the opening remark in front of the jury in San Francisco Federal Court, Waymo lawyer Charles Verhoeven maintained that Uber’s founder and former chief executive Travis Kalanick made the decision to use stolen trade secrets to enable the global ridesharing giant to move into autonomous driving.

Verhoeven said that Uber’s Travis Kalanick ‘’made a decision and the decision was to cheat.’’ He further added that “He made the decision that winning was more important than the law.”

Uber’s stance:

Upon denying allegations imposed on the company, Uber attorney Bill Carmody sought to downplay the accusations and said the evidence would prove “there’s no conspiracy.” Carmody said evidence would show Google and Waymo were failing to invest enough to keep the most talented staff, enabling Uber to hire them.


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