Remember the days when you could unbox your new TV, turn it on, and just watch it? Evidently, that time is long gone, thanks to everything needing to be “smart” and requiring loads of updates right out of the box these days. In the UK, customers have swamped The Guardian with word that their new displays, some bought as recently as a week ago, have been bricked by a firmware update.

It seems to only affect recent models. Customers on the Samsung forums note that their UE50MU6100K, UE49MU7070, and MU6409 models either won’t change the channel, or, worse, won’t display anything after the splash screen upon powering on. As of Tuesday (the problem began cropping up last Friday), customer service told forum members it didn’t have a clue when a fix would go out to customers.

Earlier today, a moderator posted saying that the fix Samsung was working on was undergoing internal testing (it works, apparently) and that it would need to be installed by an “approved Samsung engineer.” How long that will take to schedule and how widespread this glitch isn’t clear, but that could lead to more time without a working, brand new television and even more frustrated customers.

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