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Understanding Effective Instagram Strategies to Boost Traffic to Your Fashion Site 

You must have noticed in the past few years that top fashion brands are wholly embracing Instagram, the popular visual-based social media platform. Instagram is today the key to the success of their social marketing strategy. Renowned fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger went to the extent of introducing the ‘InstaPit’ at the New York Fashion Week 2016 so that the highly-followed and famous Instagram influencers could have unobstructed access to the brilliant collection. The intention was to allow Instagram influencers to smoothly click pictures of the brand new collection.

The question is why is the fashion industry having such a soft corner for Instagram? The answer is pretty simple. The fashion world is a creative industry which is chiefly image-based and they would never get a better platform to showcase their products other than the Instagram which is entirely driven by mind-blowing pictures. It looked like a natural progression and definitely an easy step for the fashion industry to land up on Instagram to showcase their creations. They surely have understood the potential and worth of this versatile and vibrant social media platform.

Today smart and tech-savvy fashion brands are leveraging the power of this platform and giving their followers and fans a sneak peek into the fabulous moments and behind-the-scenes from their fashion shows. The fashion enthusiasts and the fashionistas are getting easy access to the exclusive collections on the runway. Fashion designers are connecting with their followers and breaking the ice as in the past the fashion world was clearly an elitist and exclusive world.

Driving more traffic to your fashion site or gaining more followers and popularity on Instagram is simply a matter of grabbing the attention of the users or your specific target audience. You need to first of all clearly define your target audience. Once you know precisely who to target for promoting and boosting sales of your designer wear, you may explore certain effective Instagram strategies for driving more traffic to your fashion site.

Focus on Posting High-Resolution Exclusive Pictures of Your Latest Designs

The idea basically is to display your creations in a truly real-life setting. You must select the best models for showcasing your brilliant designs and make sure that the ambiance is just right for wearing and flaunting your exclusive clothes. For instance, if you are designing fitness garments, your pictures must include fit models wearing your outfits and working out in the gym. Generally, the success of your Instagram fashion account would depend largely on the quality of the photos you are posting. If you are into women’s exclusive designer wear, you must post plenty of stunning pictures of the fashion models, elite, and celebrities wearing your outfits at parties and shows. A fashion site must satiate the fashion-hungry audience if they wish to drive more traffic and ultimately boost their followers and conversions.

Firmly Believe in Using the Right Hashtags

You need to devote some time and energy into determining the right hashtags to complement your target market and industry. Even though the hashtags do not act as direct indicators of the user demographics, you have easy access to free analytics to make you understand the demographics of your fans and followers on Instagram. Simply by using free Instagram analytics such as Instagram Insights, you could be sure if you are attracting the perfect people. You must determine the most popular hashtags and include them in your Instagram posts to connect with the right people.

Hashtags can make or break a fashion brand’s marketing campaign. You may consider the example of Calvin Klein. According to research, “Building on the successful, “My Calvins” campaign from the ‘80s, Calvin Klein’s wildly successful #MyCalvins hashtag on Instagram has generated more than half a million posts. That’s a lot of free Calvin Klein endorsements. Celebrity collaborations and posts of celebs in their duds bring it home for the marketing win.”

Focus on Generating a Compelling Caption

A picture could be complete and effective with words. Without a solid caption, even a mind-blowing picture would seem incomplete. A picture could come alive when there are words for reinforcing action. You must make sure that you are incorporating action words such as ‘tag a friend’, or ‘double tap’ for driving more engagement and followers to your posts. In this context, you may know that you could seek professional assistance from reputed digital marketing companies to buy Insta likes for your account.

Be Serious about Investing in Top Quality Video Content

Pictures are just not sufficient on Instagram. Instagram is a visual-oriented platform and relies on both stunning pictures and amazing videos as well. You must invest in a clever video stratagem that should be covering Instagram Stores, video posts, and Instagram live. In order to achieve success as a fashion brand, it is essential to connect and build a robust relationship with all your fans and followers and you must understand that videos are the most effective way of doing so.

Learn Ways to Engage Effectively with Potential Customers

You need to keep in mind that the users who are following you are actually your fashion brand’s potential customers and you must reach out to them. You must religiously go on commenting and liking their posts to lay the foundation for building a solid relationship. You may then offer a special discount simply for being a loyal and valuable follower on Instagram and close the sale.

Think about Running a Contest

The purpose of organizing a contest is chiefly to drive sales and also, to boost overall brand awareness online. You should run a contest for generating hype around all your creations and this should boost the likelihood of a user re-sharing with his friend. Remember word-of-mouth is still regarded as the most effective and influential social marketing strategy.

Consider Becoming a Fashion Industry Influencer

If you wish to be truly successful, it is necessary for you to become an authority in the fashion industry. You could effectively build influence simply by starting your own fashion blog, participating in fashion shows and other local events relating to your business, or dedicating your time and efforts to promoting a social cause. You need to consciously invest in your specific fashion brand since it is as necessary and important as capitalizing on your product. You need to understand that this should help you in building trust and obtaining increased sales.

Conclusion: Follow this Trick for Guaranteed Results

Are you still wondering if Instagram is the right destination for boosting your fashion brand? You could consider trying dynamic retargeting ads on this platform. With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is certainly a terrific platform for retargeting campaigns. You could focus on re-engaging shoppers who are most likely to make a purchase with highly-customized and individualized ads. You could surely see a boost in sales by 12 percent or even more.

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