The surfing of ‘toxic content’ on leading social media platforms urged goods company owners to take significant measures against such social media websites.

Unilever; popular consumer goods company threatens giant social media platforms, Google and Facebook to do something about the toxic content on the internet or else it will remove its advertisements from these websites.

Unilever is one of the world’s biggest online advertisers, and for it to pull spending from any platform would be a significant revenue blow. Last year, Unilever spent $9.4 billion on marketing, about a third of which was on digital advertising.

Such intensity in threats coming from Unilever’s chief marketing officer, Keith Weed, the leading social media platforms can’t afford the business loss.

On his speech on Monday to major advertisers, media groups and technology companies at the annual Interactive Advertising Bureau conference, Keith Weed made his stance clear by announcing his company’s future policies towards publishing ads on Facebook and Google.

Fake news, racism, sexism, terrorists spreading messages of hate, toxic content directed at children … it is in the digital media industry’s interest to listen and act on this. Before viewers stop viewing, advertisers stop advertising and publishers stop publishing,” says Unilever’s CMCO.



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