Details found in the recent Google app beta propose a new version of Android is under works.

The latest version, 8.1, was first found by the members at 9to5Google in version 7.11 of the Google beta app, which is just rolling out to enrollees.

The relevant order explains that Android 8.1 will be followed by a bump in the SDK version, which is an indication that Android 8.1 incorporates enough changes to the API set to justify a new SDK number.

platformBuildVersionCode=”27″ platformBuildVersionName=”8.1.0″

Android 8.0, which released on August 21, was based on version 26 of the SDK.

The Android SDK is the collection of APIs (application programming interfaces) that allows developers to develop apps that plug into the OS’ features. It seems like at least Google devices are already working with the unreleased version.

The breakdown also show-off several other changes, including the latest icon for the Google Lens visual search feature that’s going to release with the Pixel 2 and few small updates to the screenshot functionality and Bluetooth audio for automotive. There’s also the latest indication at the  “Bisto” smart headphones that Google is rumoured to be working on, in the form of a notification message for the headphones’ battery level.

The upcoming Android version is expected to be called the same Oreo version. Google seems to keep up with the same pattern from last year. After the release of Android 7.0 in August, Google launched Android 7.1 with the Pixel and Pixel XL on October 4. The new version brought many small changes throughout the OS, including app shortcuts in the launcher, a tabbed view in settings menu, the option to restart the device when pressing the power button, and an extra tile in the quick settings.

Google is expected to do the same this year, with Android 8.1 releasing on the Pixel 2 in October. In a report,  9to5Google that the new Pixel handsets would run on the upcoming Android version, citing sources familiar with the device.


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