A week after we published the news of Apple saying it was “looking into” reports of the iPhone 8 batteries swelling, the first such case has been reported in the US.

A Best Buy employee posted on Reddit that his store had received a bulging iPhone 8 as a return. He had also supplied an image along with his post, BGR reported late on Thursday. It is likely that this may not be the last incident.

However, the number of affected iPhone 8 handsets are insignificant in terms of numbers since millions of iPhone 8 handsets have already been sold, the report added.

Earlier, cases of swollen batteries were reported from Taiwan, Japan, China, Canada, and Greece.

The first incident was reported from Taiwan when a user claimed her iPhone 8 Plus split open while it was charging.

Statistically, reported cases so far are not ‘extremely’ worrying for the tech giant. However, if such cases keep on happening in near future, the only option Apple will be left with is recalling units, ruining the whole reputation built around iPhones for years.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus went on sale on September 22. Apple has yet to release figures for the early sales of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.


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