Karachi is the city of lights, not only because people have hangouts and fun at night, but also because of the light enlightened by the helping hands in supporting others. It is said that nobody sleeps starving in Karachi. I am a food blogger, I keep on trying something new and also recommend others. However, I could not resist myself writing for those who put efforts for others so that they can eat well! Here I am going to talk about an organization who is working solely to serve Karachi and its people for their goodwill. There is a misconception that non-government organizations create hype more and actually work less to make money. However, this is wrong. Not all organizations are making money just by attracting donors through social media and doing nothing. Youth especially is enthusiastic enough nowadays in helping others.

Vhelp-scope of hope is a prestigious non-government organization that is working unconditionally in different fields to help others and bring a smile on the faces. Many hands make work light! Vhelp is the result of endless efforts of a few university students. They all work together and make a great team. President of the organization, Shahzaib Khan, started his journey and other students became his helping hands. Their working agenda is not restricted to any specific area for working. They energetically work in different areas.

Adopt a plant- creating a better atmosphere for the next generation

Karachitis have been facing adverse effects of the extreme temperatures for years. This is because of the excessive cutting of trees. Vhelp not only highlighted this issue to raise awareness but also started a campaign under the slogan “adopt a plant”. The members of this NGO adopted a plan to increase the number of trees. These plants will grow tall in a few years and will provide shadow to the next generation.

Adopt a child-empowering the future leaders

The sky is the limit. The passionate team of Vhelp, soon after the success of the previous activity, commenced another initiative. However, this time the approach was much broader! They collaborated another organization called “EFA-Education for all”. They collectively chose almost a hundred students from Lyari and pledged to provide financial aid to these young students, so they may happily continue their studies and nurture the future generation. Financial aid includes paying monthly school fees and gifting them free course and uniform. In addition to this, Doha jewelers, the winning team of Pakistan Super League i.e. Quetta gladiators and another non-government organization “Youth Group” also sponsored them in this amazing campaign. Hard work always pays off! Their unconditional contributions to empowering education will surely bring a productive approach.

 What’s next?

These two activities are just examples. They are now heading towards the sacrificial purpose of serving humanity in this holy month of Ramadan. They will schedule their upcoming activities and campaign, including free distribution, ration distribution, donation drives and so on. You all are warmly welcomed if you want to donate for the cause. Thinking about the goodwill of others is a great cause of happiness and inner satisfaction.

For all those who want to donate can contact their representatives. You can search on the social media pages by writing “VHELP-SCOPE OF HOPE” Baatein khushian!

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