It has been brought to attention that a new gadget has been invented that will reminisce the work of artists from 18th and 19th century into a digital piece of art. According to the creators of this system, engineers from the United Kingdom-based research and innovation company Cambridge Consultants, Vincent is not just one of a kind but it is the most responsive AI to human input till date. It makes art a very fun thing to go about and has its own unique features that engage people.

It allows you to draw edges of a picture with a pen, these edges are something that you assume in your mind and with the help of those assumptions, it draws what it has experienced. It has been assumed that artificial intelligence will start taking place of human but Vincent allows the users to take part in these activities as much as they want to be a part of it.

Vincent’s art doesn’t look entirely real but it has passed a milestone from what it can do. Over the time it has learned the contrasting, color schemes and brushstrokes and as it gains more experience, it will become even more efficient and will be known as a phenomenon. This invention has been made in the UK and it’s for us to observe how far it goes.

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