Travelling is known to be the soul for food but with the exponential advancement in science, technology is dominating every aspect of life including travelling. Now we are having trips to different places of the world, without moving an inch with the technology of Virtual Reality.

Though the invention of VR sets have been launched long ago. But the refinement and up gradation which has been done in the recent years is remarkable. The proof is quite visible, so many virtual reality apps has been launched which offers tours giving the actual feel of being or journey. But is it enough?

Despite of the fact that it is considered as an advantage by the people who cannot afford to travel around the world, a deep unsettling feeling arises when one think about the falseness taking hold of the few things which were truly pure and magical.

This can also be an alarming set back to the actual tourism industry around the world. If not now, then definitely in the future. Considering the pace of popularity which the VR travelling tours are gaining

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