Craving to go on vacation, but don’t know where? One way to narrow down your choice of destination is to figure out which places are easy to travel to – and this new site can help.

Tell VisaDB where you’re from and it will let you know of all the countries you can travel to without needing any visa. Not only it tells you how long you can stay and the status of visa on arrival, but it also provides you with a comparison of travelling, food and accomodation expenses between your own and target country.

You can also look up countries that make it easy to launch a startup; there are plans to ultimately add information about which places will let you live, work, study or attain citizenship without much hassle.

The site is currently in alpha and its data is scraped manually from government sites and third-party sources, so it might be worth double-checking with national embassies’ sites once you’ve narrowed down your options – just to be sure. But it’s still an awesome tool for figuring out where you can go without all the fuss of visa paperwork.

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So, where are you travelling next?

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